Want to get more listings? One of the best ways to increase your listings is to increase your closing ratio. Of course you could just go on more listing appointments and leave your closing ratio where it’s at but that’s a lot harder than just closing more of the appointments you go on.

Here are 5 ways to increase your closing ratio when conducting a listing presentation.

1. Don’t “Wing” It But Rather Use A Proven Real Estate Listing Presentation

Most Realtors use a CMA as their listing presentation. They compete over price to get a listing. It’s not unusual for a Realtor to name a higher price than they feel the home will sell for just to get the listing. That’s why I hate competing over price and basing my listing presentation around a CMA.

What has always worked best for me is to evaluate the seller’s motivation before going on a listing appointment and then using a proven listing presentation to get the listing.

The listing presentation that I like the best is one that presents a big problem like the housing market is still going down (at least it is where I am at in Florida); then solve that problem by showing how you sell homes in a rough housing market, make an offer and ask for the listing.
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Getting high-end real estate clients or investors who are willing to buy several properties is one of the best things that you can do in order to be more successful with your real estate career. The problem with some agents or realtors is that they are not aware of the things that should be done in order to be successful with it. Read on to find out more about how you can get better real estate clients and how you can make better deals without spending much on your effort. This article will be showing you three of the most effective ways on how you can do it.

Work with a more credible broker

The easiest way to get your hands on better clients is to work with a more credible broker. Agents are not allowed to collect commissions and it will be provided by the broker. So you need to have a broker before you can even start working as an agent. You only need to make sure that if you are going to work, you are going to work for someone who can provide you with the best clients. There are a lot of brokers that can be found, but if you want to have the best clients, you need to start by looking for the best broker in your area.
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June 19, 2014

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June 10, 2014

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